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All Personnel

M.S. Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Professor Emeritus
Geology Office Manager and , Academic Program Administrator
M.S. Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Franklin College FAST2 Geology and Genetics, Business and Fiscal Affairs Manager
Professor, Istanbul Technical University - Faculty of Mines , Department of Geological Engineering
M.S. Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Professor (Chair), Istanbul Technical University - Faculty of Mines, Department of Geological Engineeri
M. S. Student, Research Assistant
Research Coordinator
Economic Geology, Professor - Undergraduate Advisor
M.S. Student, Research Assistant
Professor Emeritus
Tectonic Geomorphology, Lecturer
PhD Student/WIP Teaching Assistant, Hydrogeology
Hydrogeology/Geophysics/Remote Sensing
Hydrology, Professor Emeritus
Geology Laboratory Professional
Professor (Retired), Istanbul Technical University - Faculty of Mines, Department of Geological Sciences
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences Education
Marine Geology, Professor Emeritus
Hydrogeology & Petrophysics, Assistant Professor
Archaeological Geology & Archeological Geophysics, Professor, Geology, Professor, Anthropology
Micropaleontology, Professor Emeritus
Research Fellow, Principal Investigator Gray & Pape Maritime Heritage
M.S. Student, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant
Geophysics, Professor & Undergraduate Advisor
Stratigraphic Paleobiology, Professor
M.S. Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Structural Geology, Planetary Geology, Associate Professor
Post-Doc: Holland
Ph.D. Student - Planetary Geology, Teaching Assistant
MS Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Igneous Petrology
Hydrogeology & Remote Sensing, Professor & Associate Department Head
Administrative Assistant II
Environmental Geochemistry, Professor, National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow
Environmental Consultant
Professor Emeritus
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
Petrology & Volcanology, Assistant Professor
Sedimentary Petrology & Geochemistry, Professor
Professor (Emerita), UGA Department of Anthropology
Ph.D. Candidate, Hydrogeology and Remote Sensing
Igneous Petrology, Professor Emeritus
Clay Mineralogy, Professor & Department Head, Registered P.G., Research Correspondence E-mail: schroe[at], Head Correspondence E-mail: geohead[at]
Igneous Petrology, Professor Emeritus
Shellebarger Professor of Geology, Invertebrate Paleobiology, Professor - Marine Sciences
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Professor Emeritus
M.S. Student, Graduate Teachers Assistant, Hydrogeology
Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor, UGA Department of Geology and Anthropology
Structural Geology, Professor Emeritus
PhD Student, Hydrogeology & Remote Sensing

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