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Alumni Advisory Board

Department of Geology Board Diversity

Executive Committee:

Charlotte AbramsConsultant

Gigi Beaulieu, WSP USA 

Jeff BlackmonNewmont

Grant Eager, Vulcan Materials (Chair) 

Skip Forstoff, Consultant 

Ken Gillon, Appalachian Landslide Consultants

Alex Glover, Consultant

Zach Hall, Duke Energy 

John Hayden, Consultant 

Frank LiethVulcan Materials

Vince Matthews, Consultant 

Daven MashburnNewmont

Ed MoritzGustavason and Associates

Wes MyersConsultant

Horry Parker, Black and Veatch 

Jim RedwineAnchor QEA

Jim SaundersAuburn University

Jeff ShellebargerChevron (retired)

Kristen Woods, The Chemours Company

Working Groups:

Houston, TX Alumni: Devon Verellen

Atlanta, GA Alumni: Grant Eager

Denver, CO Alumni: Ed Moritz

Click here to view emeritus alumni advisory board members. 




The purpose of the Advisory Board (AB) of the Department of Geology at the University of Georgia is to bring an external perspective on the various internal and external strategies and operations in the Department, to provide input on what may be happening external to the Department that may have significant impact on it, and to provide input and advice to the Department on any subject relevant to the Department as requested. More specifically the duties include: 1) assisting in raising external funds to support Departmental needs, 2) assisting in recruiting students, providing internship opportunities, and placing graduates in industry, 3) being alert to what is happening in the world and communicating significant occurrences, perspectives, and opportunities in a timely fashion, 4) serve as an advocate for the Department to the University administration, and 5) provide advice on ways to improve the Department’s quality and standing.


The AB serves in an advisory capacity to the Department. The AB is expected to make recommendations and provide input to the Department on issues related to its business, but is not expected to make decisions for the Department, nor to participate in the decision-making process of the Department.


The AB is composed of nine members who are professionals committed to the success of the Department and who have considerable experience in industry, government, academia, or the private sector, but who are not currently employees of the University of Georgia. A quorum will require six members. Members will typically be alumni of the Department, but others with interests consistent with Department goals are eligible.


Each Board member may nominate two candidates to fill annual replacements to the Board. The Department faculty may make additional nominations. All nominees must be approved by a majority of the faculty. Board members shall votefor three nominees, voting on additional nominees as necessary until all vacated Board positions are filled. The Board will elect a Chair annually.

Term of Membership:

AB members shall be appointed to serve a term of three years which coincides with the business year of the University, that is, July through June. Membership on the AB may be terminated at the discretion of the Department Head and members are free to resign and terminate their membership at any time. Members may be nominated for additional terms.

Department Head:

The Department Head will serve as the primary link between the AB and Department.


The AB will meet at least once per year by conference call, video, in person, or in combination, as called by the Department Head in consultation with the AB Chairman. Additional meetings may be called as needed. AB members and the Department Head will normally attend meetings. The Department Head and the AB Chairman may invite additional individuals to attend AB meetings. The AB members may reserve part of each meeting for separate deliberations.


The AB will prepare the agenda for the meeting in consultation with the Department Head. The agenda will be mailed to all attendees three weeks prior to the meeting.


The Charter of the AB is designed as a set of guidelines to define its purpose and scope. Upon approval of the Charter by the Department, the Department may change the provisions by majority vote of the faculty as outlined in the Departmental
Governance Guidelines.

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