All newly hired employees will have to complete required employment paperwork within the UGA Onboarding System. New hires will receive a system-generated email from Onboarding with instructions for accessing the secure Onboarding System. Only three forms need to be printed, signed, and brought to the business office in Geology: Direct Deposit form, State of Georgia Withholding Certificate (G-4), and Federal Withholding Certificate (W-4). If the new hire is a visa holder, the G-4 and W-4 forms will be replaced with the UGA's International Tax Form. Note that these three forms and I-9 verification are due within three days of the new hire’s start date.

All of the new employee forms are done online now. Please do not print any forms out and bring them to the office. Everything is done electronically through Onboard now.

Required Training

All newly hired employees have to complete the training modules listed below.

Learn about USG's ethical and professional standards

Overview of the campus-wide role based accountability model for protecting sensitive and critical data 

Videos: Auto Liability and Driving Do’s/Don’ts

 Note: These three training modules are due within 60 days of the new hire's start date.


In addition to the training listed above, newly hired research-based employees also have to complete the two training modules listed below.

     (Due within two weeks of new hire's start date)

     (Check with supervisor on completing this training)

Access to UGA-Based Systems & Benefits

Find form for UGA Identification Card

Request UGA MyID that will allow you access to UGA email and other UGA-based systems

Apply for campus parking permit

Learn all about the benefits offered at UGA