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Mammal-species richness, fossil preservation, and tectonic history of the Basin and Range

Katharine (Katie) Loughney
Geology - Stratigraphy Lab
Live virtual via zoom

This event is virtual, so please join via zoom. 

Meeting ID: 953 3714 0780

Note: A password is required to join this meeting. Please call 706-542-2652 and speak with a representative to obtain the code. Alternatively, a code request can be made to

About the Speaker:

Dr. Katharine (Katie) Loughney is currently working on a two-year NSF-funded postdoctoral project in the UGA Stratigraphy Lab, under the advisement of Dr. Steven Holland. In her research, Dr. Loughney will develop a model of the non-marine fossil record in extensional basins, using basin-analysis and sequence-stratigraphic principles.

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