UGA has four main purchasing and payment options available for faculty and staff to use for puchasing/reimbursement purposes.

Below is a general overview of these purchasing and payment options.


1) Check Requests

Example of allowable items:

No dollar limit: payments for refunds*, travel, stipends, and registration fees

$2,499.99 limit: honoraria payments (services rendered) and vendor payments involving services rendered (service payments include analysis and sequencing charges)

$9,999.99 limit: custom/freight charges and purchase of authorized page charges

*Personal reimbursements for supplies and expenses is limited to $499.99 per transaction. Other purchasing options, such as a purchase order, should be utilized for supplies and expenses over $500.

Submit reimbursement forms with related receipts and vendor invoices to the departmental Business Manager for payment processing.


2) Purchase Orders

Example of allowable items:

$9,999.99 limit: supplies, materials, equipment and non-public works services

Over $10,000: supplies, materials, equipment and non-public works services ( three quotes or justification for procuring without three quotes is required)

Submit purchase request through the UGAmart system. Quotes can be obtained and submitted with purchase request.


3) Purchasing Card (P-card)

$4,999.99 limit per transaction

Examples of unallowable items: 

Chemicals (exception - compressed gases)

Travel-related expenses (exception - conference/registration fees - with limitations) 

Inventoried Equipment

Maintenance/Service Agreements 

Contact the departmental Business Manager for P-card purchasing.


4) Petty Cash

$499.99 limit per transaction

Examples of unallowable items: 

Items construed as equipment which have a unit value exceeding $99.99

Radioactive materials

Fees for conferences, seminars and registrations

See the departmental Business Manager for petty cash payment/reimbursement.

Petty Cash Application


Quick Links

Non-Employee Payments

Non-Resident Aliens Requirements

Payments to Internationals

Online Vendor Profile (US individuals or companies)

PDF Vendor Profile with W-8BEN (non-US individuals or companies)


Sole Source/Sole Brand

Entertainment Expenses (add Supplemental Form when needed)

Petty Cash Disbursement 

Travel Center


For inventoried items that need to be taken off campus, please submit an off-campus authorization through UGARUSS.

Please not that due to possible policy and procedure changes, information on this page can change at any time.