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Clays and clay minerals are the most abundant reactive solids on the Earth's surface. Understanding clays minerals involves the detailed crystal-chemical characterization of their structure, particularly as they are found associated in the critical zone, which includes near surface weathering, diagenetic, and hydrothermal geologic environments. Clay minerals often interact with biological systems, which then allow them to proxy the record of environmental change throughout Earth history and perhaps in extraterrestrial environments. The research carried out in my group involves the study of these fine grain particles using NMR spectroscopy, Fourier transform IR and Raman spectroscopy, radiogenic, cosmogenic, and stable isotopes, chemical and thermal analyses, and X-ray and electron diffraction.

Research Interests:

Clays and clay minerals are nature's most common nano-material. The study of both natural and synthetic nano-composites made up of clays and organics offers great promise for the discovery of new materials for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and material industries. Knowledge of clays is essential for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbon energy, particularly in terms of benefiting the environment.

Selected Publications:

Complete publications are listed here.  Peer review journal articles are only listed below.

  • Lars Riber, Henning Dypvik, Ronald Sørlie , Syed Asmar Aal-E-Muhammad Naqvi, Kristian Stangvik, Nikolas Oberhardt, Paul A. Schroeder. 2017. Comparison of deeply buried paleoregolith profiles, Norwegian North Sea, with outcrops from southern Sweden and Georgia, USA - Implications for petroleum exploration. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 471: 82–95.
  • Schroeder, P.A. 2016 Clays in the Critical Zone: An Introduction.  Clays and Clay Minerals, v. 64(5) 486- 486. DOI: 10.1346/CCMN.2016.064045
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Book: Clays in the Critical Zone (expected 2018), Cambridge University Press


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