Structural Geology
Assistant Professor
Geography-Geology Building #310

Current Research Interests

My research is focussed on the growth of faults and other fractures in various active and ancient tectonophysical settings, such as sedimentary basins in North America and Central Europe, as well as in the global contractional tectonic environments of Mercury, the Moon, and Mars. In particular, I am interested in tectonic landform evolution, the interplay of large-scale tectonic and volcanic processes on the terrestrial planets, lithospheric properties of the early Earth, and other terrestrial planets, and fracture patterns, fracture geometries, deformation micro-mechanisms, and fluid flow through or across fractures. I analyze rocks and their fracturing behaviors in the field, in the lab, and from remotely sensed data by modeling, numerically, conceptually, or experimentally, and applying recent advances in geomechanics to several related fields in the geosciences.

Curriculum Vitae: