Geology Chair, Paul Schroeder

Greetings! We’ve got a busy UGA Geology department this fall 2017!  We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of new Assistant Professor Geoff Howarth. Amongst many things, Geoff will be working with Mike Roden this spring 2018 to transition the teaching of GEOL4020 Internal Processes (Ig-Met-Pet for old schoolers). Other good news is that we are actively searching for a new geohydrologists with aim for strengthening critical zone (CZ) science. For those not familiar with this integrative approach, CZ science is the study of the Earth’s surface by linking biological and geological processes from watershed to global scales (including the tree tops to the deep bedrock). This includes the study of processes on seconds to million years time scales. Geologists, geophysicists, hydrologist, soil scientists, ecologists, anthropologists, atmospheric, and social scientists are working together to develop an understanding of landscape evolution (http://criticalzone.org). The focus of these studies is to address issues of sustained water quality, agricultural fertility, knowledge of carbon cycling, and renewable and non-renewable resources. Key aspects needed to fully understand such complex systems is knowledge of 1) regional climate, 2) parent rock compositions, 3) topography, 4) biota, and 5) the time frame over which theses forces work.

Other changes include John Dowd, who is now officially emeritus and showing absolutely no signs of slowing down his research. We are repurposing the hydrothermal lab to be a monitoring facility for the real-time study of Tanyard Creek.  As you may know the lab sits on the bank of the creek that flows from west campus, under Sanford Stadium, and into the Oconee River. A sensor network is under development so the public can monitor the “health” of the stream with metrics of discharge, temperature, electric conductivity, and dissolved oxygen.

Finally, please mark March 2, 2018 on your calendar. We are planning a Geology Alumni event with a tribute to the career of Professor Bob Carpenter.  This date is a Friday and talks will be presented at 3:30PM in 200A of the G&G building.  Other activities will include department tours and social events.  Keep an eye out for a fall newsletter that is in the making. You can check out what some of the faculty, students, and alumni are up to. As always, please feel free to send us a blurb on what you doing so we can include it in the newsletters  (make sure to include a photo).

Paul Schroeder
Professor and Head

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