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My research interests include petrology, geochemistry, and planetary geology. Currently, I am applying these interests to discriminate the source lithology of olivine-phyric shergottites.


M.S. Geology

University of Georgia

In Progress

B.S. Honors, Geology

Minor: Chemistry

Western Carolina University; Cullowhee, NC.

2014 - 2018

Thesis: The Role of Weathered and Unweathered Bedrock Chemical Composition and Mineralogy in Producing Varying Streamwater Chemistries in a Headwater Catchment in Western North Carolina

(Faculty Advisor: J.P. Gannon)

Research Interests:

Martian Petrology and Geochemistry

Selected Publications:

Fagan, A.L.; Gross, J.; Ramsey, S.; Turrin, B. (2018). Northwest Africa 8632- Recording Young Lunar Volcanism. In Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Abstract no. 2584.