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I was born and raised outside of Munich, Germany and moved to the US in 2005. Since then I've studied geology at three different institutions and I'm currently in my third year of the PhD program in the Department of Geology. I've always loved to teach (since my undergraduate days) and I am pursuing a academic career. Currently, I am a research assistant for Dr. Klimczak and I am looking forward to teaching in the Fall of 2018. 


Ph.D. Candidate in Geology, (January 2016 –present)                                      

University of Georgia, Athens GA                                                          

Advisor: Christian Klimczak                                                                                                                       


Master of Science in Geology, January 2013                                       

University of Minnesota - Duluth, Duluth, MN                                      

Advisor: Vicki L. Hansen                     


Bachelor of Science in Geology, December 2010

University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Of note:


Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant 2018

Graduate School, University of Georgia, Summer Research Travel Grant 2018

Association of Women Geoscientists Sand Student Research Presentation Travel Award 2017

Geological Society of America Planetary Geology Division Student Travel Grant 2016

Summer McKnight Geology Award Grant 2012

Summer Geology Graduate Block Grant 2012

Department of Geological Sciences Travel Grant, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, October 2011



Outstanding Graduate Student Award, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2013

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2012

Dr. David Arnold Engineering Award for Service, Intelligence, Character, Leadership, Creativity and Judgment, University of Mississippi Engineering School, Spring 2010

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Field Camp Scholarship, 2010

National Association of GeoScience Teachers (NAGT) Scholarship for Field Study, 2010

Lawrence F. Boland Scholarship, Mississippi Geological Society, Spring 2010

Adler Scholarship, University of Mississippi Engineering School, Spring 2010 – Fall 2010

Dr. James Robert “Bob” Woolsey Memorial Scholarship , Fall 2009 - Inaugural Recipient

Research Interests:

I'm interested in tectonic geomorphology and structure pertaining (but not limited to) the evolution of faults. I am interested how faults propagate and what type of structures result from fault interaction and linkage. I've been exploring displacement-length relationships for graben-bounding normal faults on the Moon and am preparing to do the same for faults in the graben of Canyonlands National Park. I'm also interested in the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) as an additional method to collect data and present results in new and innovative 3D models. 

Selected Publications:

Callihan, M. B., Klimczak, C., 2019, Topographic expressions of lunar graben, Lithosphere, Early Publication,

Klimczak C., Callihan, M. B., Crane, K. T., Kling, C. L., Byrne, P. K., Fault Rock Evolution of Large Thrust Fault Systems on Mars. 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX.

Callihan, M. B., 2017 Growth Strategies and Fault Rock Evolution of Lunar Graben. Oral Presentation at the 2017 Annual Geological Society of America Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Callihan, M. B., 2016. Topographic Expressions of Lunar Graben. Oral Presentation at the 2016 Annual Geological Society of America Meeting, Denver, CO.

Graupner, Melanie, 2013. Structural and Geologic Mapping of Southern Tellus Regio, Venus: Implications for Crustal Plateau Formation [Master’s Thesis]: Geology and Geological Sciences, University of Minnesota Duluth.

Graupner Bergmann, M., and Hansen, Vicky L., Geologic and Structural Mapping of Southern Tellus Regio, Venus. Oral and Poster Presentation at the 2012 Annual Planetary Geologic Mapper’s Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ.

Graupner, M., and Hansen, Vicki L., Geologic and Structural Mapping of Southern Tellus Regio, Venus: Implications for Crustal Plateau Evolution. Poster Presentation at the 2011 GSA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.