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  • Ph.D. Archaeology, University of Barcelona 2013
  • M.A., Anthropology, University of Missouri, Columbia 2002
  • B.A., Anthropology, Northern Arizona University 1996
  • A.A., Anthropology, Cochise College 1995
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Radiocarbon dating; isotope and trace-element geochemistry; archaeological science; environmental studies (heavy metals/industrial pollution and global and prehistoric climate change); terminal Pleistocene archaeology; prehistory of the Northern Plains, American Southwest, Alaska, and Northeast Asia; contact and acculturation, scientific method; quantitative research methods; and development of new analytical technologies, especially portable instrumentation.

Selected Publications:
  • Barrett, C.A., W. Chouyyok, R.J. Speakman, K.B. Olsen, and R.S. Addleman (2017). Rapid Extraction and Assay of Uranium from Environmental Surface Samples. Talanta 173:96–78.
  • Brink, J.W., C. Barron-Ortiz, K.M. Loftis, and R.J. Speakman (2017). Pleistocene Horse and Possible Human Association in Central Alberta, 12,700 Years Ago. Canadian Journal of Archaeology In Press.
  • Cooper, H.K, O.K. Mason, V. Mair, J.F. Hoffecker, and R.J. Speakman, 2016. Evidence of Eurasian Metal Alloys on the Alaskan Coast in Prehistory. Journal of Archaeological Science 74:176–183.
  • Farris, D.W., C. Jaramillo, G. Bayona, S.A. Restrepo, C. Montes, A. Cardona, A. Mora, R.J. Speakman, M.D. Glascock, P. Reiners and V. Valencia, 2011. Fracturing of the Panamanian Isthmus during initial collision with South America. Geology 39:1007–1010.
  • Hunt, A.M.W., and R.J. Speakman, 2015. Portable XRF Analysis of Archaeological Sediments and Ceramics. Journal of Archaeological Science 53:626–638.
  • Moini, M., A. O’Halloran, A.M. Peters, C.A.M. France, E.P. Vicenzi, T.G. DeWitt, E. Langan, T. Walsh, and R.J. Speakman (2014). Understanding Irregular Shell Formation of Nautilus in Aquaria: Chemical Composition and Structural Analysis. Zoo Biology 33:285–294.
  • Purdy, B.A., K.S. Jones, J.J. Mecholsky, G. Bourne, R.C. Hulbert, B.J. MacFadden, K.L. Church, M.W. Warren, T.F. Jorstad, D.J. Stanford, M.J. Wachowiak and R.J. Speakman, 2011. Earliest art in the Americas: Incised image of a Proboscidean on a mineralized extinct animal bone from Vero Beach, Florida. Journal of Archaeological Science 38. 2908–2913.
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  • Williams, V.I., C.M. Santoro, R.J. Speakman, M.D. Glascock, A.L. Romero Guevara, D. Valenzuela, V.G Standen, T.N. D`Altroy (2016). Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Inka and Local Pottery from Northern Chile's Atacama Desert and Late Prehistoric Interregional Interaction in the Southern Andes. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9:481–492.