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Gilles And Bernadette Allard Geology Award Fund

The Gilles and Bernadette Allard Geology Award Fund was established at the University of Georgia Foundation to provide awards to support Geology graduate students for field related research expenses. The Fund was initiated by Dr. Jeff Reid (Ph.D., 1981) upon the retirement of Professor Gilles Allard. Contributions from Dr. Allard’s colleagues, alumnae, as well as the Allards\ have made the fund operational. 

The award is given in Spring semester to a Geology graduate student by the Department Head, based on the recommendation of the Admissions and Awards Committee. Applications are made by submitting a one-page project description and a letter of support from your major professor to the Admissions and Awards Committee. The deadline for submission will be announced each spring semester by the Graduate Coordinator or the Degree Program Assistant.

Joseph W. Berg Scholarship in Geophysics Fund

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Joseph W. Berg, Jr., an internationally recognized geophysicist with a distinguished record of service and research in government and academia. The fund supports research in geophysics by undergraduate and graduate students. The deadline for submission will be announced each spring semester by the Graduate Coordinator or the Degree Program Assistant.

Levy Memorial Fund 

This Fund awards grants-in-aid of research annually to deserving students in marine geology, defined for the Fund as the physical, chemical, or biological study of any modern saline depositional environment or any sediment or rock in a saline wetting that requires modern marine technology or logistics during sampling. Areas of eligibility include marine sedimentology, petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, and studies involving the paleontological, ichnological, and paleoecological implications of modern marine organisms. 

Preference is given to students having no other support,although all students in marine science are eligible to apply. Grant funds may be used during the summer and subsequent academic year. Proposals are evaluated by the Marine Geology Committee of the faculty, which also sets the amount of money to be granted. M.S. candidates may receive a maximum of $1,000 during their time in the Department, and Ph.D. candidates may receive up to $1,500. The deadline for submission will be announced each spring semester by the Graduate Coordinator or the Degree Program Assistant. Applications must include:

1. The student's thesis or dissertation proposal, and a statement by the student showing the relationship between the proposal and the present request for funding.

2. A detailed, line-item budget and a succinct statement by the student justifying the budget, including summaries of support from other sources.

3. A support letter from the student's major professor, which includes an evaluation of the entire application.

Miriam Watts-Wheeler Scholarship Fund

The Miriam Watts-Wheeler Scholarship Fund was established in 1996 by the late Mr. Harold Elton Wheeler in honor of his wife, the late Miriam Watts Wheeler. Mrs. Wheeler's lifelong interest in rocks and minerals gave them many years of pleasure as they traveled throughout the United States and abroad gathering specimens for her collection. Mrs. Wheeler was impressed by the University of Georgia and Mr. Wheeler established this fund in her memory. 

Funds are available to support geology graduate students in good standing. Money from this fund is dispersed by the Department Head upon recommendation of the Admission and Awards Committee. Support is generally limited to travel to professional meetings and conferences to present talks and posters, and for expenses related to research. Less commonly, other types of requests will be granted, such as travel to special workshops and training sessions. Proposals are reviewed twice yearly, once in the Fall Semester and once in Spring Semester. Proposal forms may be found on the Geology website. Deadlines for submission will be announced each semester by the Graduate Coordinator or the Degree Program Assistant.

Apply for the Watts-Wheeler Travel Award

Apply for the Watts-Wheeler Research Award

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