Environmental Geochemistry
Geography-Geology Building, Room 131

Current Research Interests

1) Phytoremediation Technologies: Cleanup of soils, sediment, water and air using green plants and root zone associated mechanisms.


2) Microbial Mats Treatment System: Treatment of contaminated waters using green photosynthesizing microbial mats dominated by cyanobacteria.

3) Abiotic transformation of organic contaminants: Chemical treatment of contaminated soils and water. Emphasis is placed on the applications of activated bulk reductants in remediation of oxidized compounds, including the immobilization of metals.

4) Preparation and characterization of surfactant modified (organo-modified clays or Clay nanocomposites) as cost-effective sorbents/filtration media for perchlorate and organic contaminants.

5) In-situ bioremediation of soils and groundwater: Biostimulation and enhancement of contaminants degradation in soil and groundwater using innovative techniques to deliver carbon and electron donors to the subsurface. This approach avoids expensive dig-and-treat of contaminated source area soils in the vadose zone.