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I am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate working with Dr. Christian Klimczak in the Structural Geology and Geomechanics Laboratory. My research is focused on learning about how planets evolve by making geologic observations and interpreting those observations within the thermal and historical context of the planet. As a planetary structural geologist, this includes examining regional faulting patterns and morphologies of landforms associated with specific local processes (like volcanism) and entails tying large scale geologic patterns to global thermal processes (like cooling and contracting of whole planetary bodies). In particular, I enjoy finding ways to think about the timing of these processes and their associated deformation, primarily on Mercury and Earth.

I am also passionate about teaching, and I look forward to incorporating education research projects into my future work.


University of Georgia, Athens; Department of Geology; Ph.D. Geology, in progress

Dissertation: Evolution of Thermally-Driven Tectonics on Mercury and Mars

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christian Klimczak) 


Purdue University, West Lafayette; Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Department; M.S. Geoscience Education, August 2014

Thesis: Effective Geoscience Pedagogy at the Undergraduate Level

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Terry West)


University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Earth and Planetary Sciences Department;

B.S. Geology and Mathematics, May 2012

Thesis: Shape and Thermal Modeling of a Selection of M-Type Asteroids

(Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joshua Emery) 

Research Interests:

Planetary Structural Geology

Selected Publications:
  • Crane, K. T., & Klimczak, C. (2017). Timing and rate of global contraction on Mercury. Geophysical Research Letters, 44(7), 3082-3089.
  • Klimczak, C., Habermann, M., Crane, K., & Byrne, P. (2017). Tectonic controls on pyroclastic volcanism on Mercury. Icarus, in review.
  • Emery, J.P., Fernandez, Y.R., Kelley, M.S.P., Warden, K.T., Hergenrother, C., Lauretta, D.S., Drake, M.J., Campins, H., & Ziffer, J. (2014). Thermal infrared observations and thermophysical characterization of OSIRIS-REx target asteroid (101955) Bennu. Icarus, 234(204), 17-35.
  • Crane, K. T., & T. R. West. (2014). Prioritizing Grouting Operations for Abandoned Underground Coal Mines, Southwestern Indiana. Environmental & Engineering Geoscience, 20(4), 325-334.

*Other names used: Kelsey Warden

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