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As an igneous petrologist, I am is interested in the evolution of cratonic regions through the study of kimberlites, mantle xenoliths, diamonds, and continental flood basalts (CFBs). This is achieved through a multidisciplinary approach involving field work, petrography, mineral chemistry, X-ray computed tomography, geochemistry, and thermodynamic modeling. I have also developed a new line of research applying my knowledge as a terrestrial petrologist to the study of Mars through the use of meteorites. In this combined terrestrial and martian research, I aim at approaching big-picture questions involving plume volcanism and the evolution of the mantles of Earth and Mars in collaboration with American and international scientists. 

  • Post-doctoral research associate, University of Cape Town. 2015-2017.
  • Post-doctoral research associate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 2013-2015.
  • PhD, Rhodes University, South Africa. 2013. Geology.
  • MSc, Rhodes University, South Africa. 2010. Geology.
  • BSc (Honours), Rhodes University, South Africa. 2007. Geology
  • BSc, Rhodes University, South Africa, 2006. Geology and Environmental Sciences.
Research Areas:
Research Interests:

Kimberlites and mantle xenoliths

Kimberlites are rare magmas that originate at great depth (~200 km) beneath the Earth’s surface in the lithospheric mantle. These magmas entrain and transport a variety of solid components (xenoliths) from the mantle, including diamonds. My research focuses on both the petrogenesis of the kimberlite magmas as well as the entrained mantle xenoliths, including the formation of diamonds. This research has focused on kimberlites and mantle xenoliths from Siberia and South Africa. My research aims at understanding the modification of the lithospheric mantle through metasomatism by subduction derived fluids. Metasomatism at the base of the lithospheric mantle produces geochemically enriched lithologies that are more prone to melt in later plume-related volcanism, such as Continental Flood basalts (CFBs). In this regard, this area of research is linked with that of his research into the petrogenesis of Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs).


Graduate level project available: Petrogenesis of ultra-fresh kimberlites from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I have recently acquired a particularly interesting and extremely fresh suite of kimberlite samples from Sierra Leone (West Africa). Very little is known about kimberlites from this region with only a handful of previous studies being conducted. This project will represent the first detailed look into the origin of these rare magmas in Sierra Leone.


Martian meteorites and the evolution of Mars

The only available material from the surface of Mars is that of meteorites that have been ejected from the martian surface and subsequently intersect Earth’s orbit. They are collected in regions such as Antarctica by NASA funded missions as well as by private dealers in Northwest Africa. These meteorites are extremely rare with only ~100 now in existence. My research in this area focuses on the petrology and geochemistry of these meteorites to understand the origin and evolution of magmatic systems at the surface of Mars as well as the evolution of the martian mantle over billions of years.


Graduate level project available: Olivine chemistry in shergottite meteorites and implications for mantle mineralogy on Mars. Currently, the main research theme is understanding the mantle source chemistry and mineralogy on Mars by analyzing the minor and trace element chemistry of olivine in martian shergottite meteorites. A graduate project is available as part of this larger project making use of Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) to analyze the olivine trace element chemistry, and possibly the Mg and Fe isotopes. This projects aims at identifying peridotitic versus pyroxenitic components in the martian mantle.


Large Igneous Provinces

More recently, I have become interested in understanding the mantle source chemistry and mineralogy of Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) on Earth, in particular, LIPs that erupted in regions of Earth with very thick lithospheric mantle. Current research has focused on the Karoo and Etendeka Continental Flood Basalts (CFBs) of southern Africa. My current research is aimed at identifying geochemically enriched mantle components in the source for these magmas. Specifically, the proportion of recycled crustal material and whether this component is located within the asthenospheric or lithospheric mantle.


Graduate level project available: Osmium isotope systematic in Karoo Continental Flood Basalts (CFBs). A project is available making use of existing samples as well as collecting new samples from the Karoo CFB in southern Africa. The projects aims to use osmium isotopes and highly siderophile elements (HSEs) to constrain the mantle source components for these rocks. This will be the first study making use of the highly informative osmium isotope system to constrain to proportion of recycled crustal material in the source for these basalts.

Selected Publications:


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